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about paulina

Paulina is highly personable, with a great eye for style. Paulina has a well-established relationship with PR agencies, designers, photographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists. Her experience includes commercials, editorials, eCommerce as well as celebrities and fashion shows.


Her work has featured in international magazines such as Vogue Italia, L’officiel Austria, L’officiel Arabia, L’officiel Lithuania, L’officiel Baltics, Grazia and much more.


With a passion for creative projects and new challenges, Paulina enjoys a long lasting relationship with her clients and other creatives. She is happy to discuss any project and comfortable at suggesting ideas. She can adapt a garment or prop to create the desired look. Always insisting on the highest professional standards, she is conscientious and extremely well organised, taking a very flexible approach with her work.


She is available for global bookings.